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Our expertise is centered around identifying, assessing and securing the absolute best talent for your critical business needs.

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John Phinney Co-Managing Partner, ConvergenceLLC

It surprised me that we in financial services, one of the richest industries among many, didn’t have the basic, fundamental data that other industries, like technology, have been using for years. In industrial America, manufacturing has been using benchmarking for a hundred years!

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Dale E. Brown CEO, Financial Services Institute

At the end of the day, my role as the leader of this organization is to serve the best interests of the association by helping it advance toward our key initiatives.

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Mark S. Casady Chairman and CEO, LPL Financial Services

We do two things: one is, we very, very zealously review service levels so every week we review how we’re doing in the service areas, what’s working and what’s not working, where do we need to add more resources, so we have a very good feedback mechanism that tells us just how well we’re doing that.

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