Steven Clark, President and Partner, has been a search professional with DAK Associates since 1989.

Steven joined DAK Associates in 1989, and recently celebrated the quarter-century mark with the firm. As President, Steven is principally involved in driving firm revenues, managing client company relations, setting strategic direction (along with Dan Kreuter, CEO & Founder), and managing and directing the day-to-day efforts of DAK’s team of 12 professionals. Never having strayed from the front-lines of the business, Steven enjoys personally managing key search initiatives for clients across all phases of the process. In addition to his primary role at DAK, Steven has also made a number of key contributions to the organization, including the creation of DAK Candidate Mapping, and the rapidly expanding web-based recruiting tool, DAKdirect. Steven resides in suburban Philadelphia with his wife Jennifer, son Brannen, and daughter Isabel.

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Information and Intelligence — these are the common denominators for our clients and for us. We offer both, whether you’re looking for the best candidate, the most competitive data, or a more elaborate lift-out to complete your company’s strategic vision.”